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Wilkinson, Dr. Dr. Wilkinson was created by “Clifford Ashdown,” the pseudonym of Dr. John Jones Pitcairn (Romney Pringle) and R. Austin Freeman (Humphrey Challoner, Danby Croker, Phyllis Dudley, Romney Pringle, Doctor Thorndyke), and appeared in six stories in Cassell’s Magazine in 1904 and 1905, beginning with “The Adventure at Heath Crest” (Cassell’s Magazine, Dec. 1904).

Dr. Wilkinson is a crime-solving general practitioner. He is not wealthy and acts as a temporary replacement for other physicians. In this capacity, and usually working in rural areas in England, Wilkinson uncovers and undoes the schemes of corrupt physician, an impostor, a German swindler, and the Mafia, among other criminals.

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