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Wilbury, Oscar. Oscar Wilbury was created by Donald Bern and appeared in “The Ray That Failed” (Fantastic Adventures, Aug. 1940) and “Somerset the Scientific Monkey” (Amazing, Jan. 1942).

Oscar Wilbury is an Unlucky Inventor. He is an aging tinkerer who lives in the suburban town of Herrington and creates an “atomizator,” a “black box of wooden construction, crowded with queerly shaped tubes and wires and spare parts. One end of the brainchild protruded slightly, giving it a kind of camera appearance.” The box “gives out energy rays that infiltrate instantly into whatever object I point it at.” This allows Wilbury to “transform any object into any other sort of object I choose.” He choose to transform the old family Buick into a space ship, and then the spaceship into a brand new Cadillac, and he sells the new car for $500. Unfortunately, the transformation isn’t permanent, and Wilbury is taken in by the sheriff. Fortunately, the atomizator helps the sheriff catch some bank robbers, getting $2000 in reward money.

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