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White Phantom. The White Phantom was created by Harold F. Cruickshank (Canuck Cavalry, Bill Dawe, Keko, Red Eagle, Sky Wolf) and appeared in twelve stories in Thrilling Adventures and West from 1937 to 1948, beginning with “White Phantom” (Thrilling Adventures, Apr. 1937).

Olak, “the White Phantom,” is a white wolf. He lives in the Canadian Valley of Forgotten Men with his mate Sanyek, a black wolf. Olak and Sanyek had two cubs; one was killed by a bear, but the other, Sa, was saved by Tan, an Indian. Olak “never forgot...his kindness” and became a kind of friend to Tan. Tan, his sister Netan, her halfbreed husband Tuk Cramer, and Ta’s friend Corporal Dan Martian of the Mounties, solve crime in the Valley of Forgotten Men, assisted by Olak. Olak has a surprising amount of intelligence for a wolf and knows to lead a wounded Sanyek to water, "where her wounds would be chilled by the cold water and muck to stop the bleeding."

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