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White Eagle (II). White Eagle (II) was created by Arthur Lawson and appeared in Big Chief Western #1-3 (1940-1941).

White Eagle (II) is a white man who was adopted as a child by a tribe of Comanche who raised him as their own. Now, on the southwestern frontier of the United States in the 1870s, White Eagle fights both for the Comanche and for white men. White Eagle is “the blond Comanche brave, mightiest warrior of the west. With his bow and his battle ax he sets out on a perilous trail—to defend the honor of his tribe against the white man’s, which he disowned.” He is known as the “mightiest of the Comanche braves” and is equally skilled with the bow, tomahawk, or hatchet. It is said that he could “shave the whiskers off a frog at twenty paces with an axe and not even frighten the frog. Then with a war arrow he could cut off the frog’s tail without drawing blood.” He is helped in his deeds by fellow Comanche No Thunder, who is slender and powerfully built. White Eagle’s lover is the white ranch-owner Dallas Reade.

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