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Whistling Waddy. Whistling Waddy was created by Donald Bayne Hobart (Mugs Kelly) and appeared in four stories from 1928 to 1947, beginning with “The Whistling Waddy Wades In” (Argosy All-Story Weekly, Jan. 14, 1928).

“Solitaire” Stevens is a lean, weathered, wandering cowboy, “known far and wide across the range as the Whistling Waddy.” He is “a strange, taciturn sort of an individual” who “refused to work for any of the ranchers whom he knew and who would have been glad of his services, for Solitaire was known to be an excellent puncher, and a man with a reputation as a broncho-buster as well. But he preferred to ride the range from the border to the remote sections to the north, always whistling and alone.” He is a fast shot, though not the fastest, and rides the faithful trained horse Pete.

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