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Whispering Monk. The Whispering Monk was created by Gordon E. Warnke and appeared in “The Whispering Monk” (All Detective Magazine, June, 1934).

The Whispering Monk is a Costumed Avenger Killer Vigilante. Dick Steele is a former policeman whose father, also a policeman, is killed by gangsters. In response Steele leaves the police force and takes on two different identities. The first is “Johnny the Dip,” a homeless alcoholic who spends time in the back room of a joint owned by Mike Daglio, a local gangster. Steele’s second identity is the criminal-killer “Whispering Monk.” The Whispering Monk wears a black silk mask which covers his face and a matching cowl which covers his ears and neck. His coat is turned inside out to form a black cloak, and he only speaks in a horrible low whisper. The only person Steele trusts is Captain of Detectives William Dugan, who knows all of Steele’s identities. As the Whispering Monk Steele leaves a bullet behind on the bodies (and occasionally up the nostril) of his victims.

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