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Whisperer. The Whisperer was created by “Clifford Goodrich,” a Street & Smith pseudonym used in this case by Alan Hathway (Secret Agent F-8), and appeared in fifty stories in The Whisperer and The Shadow from 1936 to 1942, beginning with “The Dead Who Talked” (The Whisperer, Oct. 1936).

The Whisperer is a Costumed Avenger. His real identity is James "Wildcat" Gordon, the Commissioner of Police for New York City. Unfortunately, Gordon has an enemy, Henry Bolton, who lusts after the post of Commissioner and sets out to discredit Gordon in revenge for having been passed over. Gordon becomes annoyed at the slowness of police work and the courts and at being hampered by Bolton. Gordon becomes the Whisperer, a costumed vigilante who can deal out justice to criminals without being slowed by technicalities like "arrests" and "due process." The Whisperer uses “super-silenced” automatics, dresses in gray and blends into the shadows and the background in much the same manner as the Shadow (I). The Whisperer wears special plates on his face and in his mouth. These plates alter the shape of his face so that he is unrecognizable but also prevent him from speaking in anything other than a strange, weird whisper. The Whisperer is aided by Richard "Quick Trigger" Traeger, an older policeman, and by Tiny Traeger, Richard’s daughter.

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