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Whimple, Mr. Mr. Whimple was created by William C. Ford and appeared in eight stories in The Blue Book Magazine in 1933 and 1934, beginning with “Mr. Whimple Rebels” (The Blue Book Magazine, Dec. 1933).

Mr. Whimple is a Killer Vigilante. Mr. Whimple is an ordinary man who makes the mistake of testifying to the police in the matter of a shooting. Whimple was riding the subway when he saw a member of Blood the Bump’s gang shoot another man six times. Naturally, the other members of Blood the Bump’s gang take this amiss and send a man over to kill Mr. Whimple. Mr. Whimple, who is no fool, has already acquired a gun license and a pistol and shotgun from the police, and kills the man. Mr. Whimple then methodically wipes out the rest of Blood the Bump’s gang, using disguises and a car with a machine gun mounted on it, and then leaves for the South Pole. When he returns, he carries on waging an assassin’s war on the underworld.

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