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Wharton, Hal. Hal Wharton was created by “P.T. Raymond,” the pseudonym of Cornelius Shea (Young Wild West), and appeared in “The Enchanted Emerald” (Happy Days, Feb. 1-22, 1902).

In Connecticut college student Hal Wharton and his best friend Jack Hamilton discover an old sailor who is being attacked by a group of thugs. Wharton and Hamilton rescue the sailor, who is mortally wounded. Before he dies he gives them information which leads them to the “Unknown Land,” a hidden valley deep in the jungles of the Congo. The Unknown Land is inhabited by violent Lost Race natives who are ruled over by Miravia, who travels about in a chariot drawn by ostriches. Miravia falls in love with Wharton, and offers to marry him and make him immortal by dunking him in the Spring of Life. Wharton declines--he’s in love with one of her pure and innocent handmaidens--and when she tries to punish him by putting him in an enclosed space with a lion, he befriends the lion. Eventually an earthquake destroys most of the Unknown Land and Wharton and Hamilton return home with emeralds in tow.

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