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Weston, Larry. Larry Weston was created by “Lt. Scott Morgan,” a Better Publications house name used by F.E. Reichnitzer (Captain Danger (II), Lone Eagle (II)), and appeared in four stories in Thrilling Adventures in 1933 and 1934, beginning with “Brother of the Tong” (Thrilling Adventures, Aug. 1933).

Larry Weston is an American adventurer in the Far East and Central America. He is “one hundred and eighty pounds of fighting American youth.” He is wealthy, free of family obligations or relations, and has no taste for dissipation “and no desire at all for those fleshpots of the world at which most young millionaires gather to drink deeply of what they consider life.” Instead he develops an “intense interest in the mystic religions of the Orient.” He travels around the plains and hills of Asia, visiting mosques and monasteries, until he hears the story of the three pearls of Lo Chang. He goes to a monastery in “Thibet” to see the pearls, but then they are stolen by evil white men and he goes traveling around the world to recover them and return them to the monastery.

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