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West, Joe. Joe West appeared in the German dime novel Im Radio Club, Aus Dem Tagebuch des Ingenieurs West #1-24 (1924-1925).

Joe West is a Thomas Edison-like inventor of SCIENCE! West uses the miraculous new invention of radio as a springboard both for adventures and for further inventions, including advanced airplanes, submersible ships, and robots. West and his assistant Albin travel around the world, using their fantastic new inventions to fight for good. He helps Indian engineers construct a powerful radio station for a Rajah. West finds treasure in a buried Aztec temple, fights yacht pirates on the Great Lakes, bandits in Afghanistan, and a Yellow Peril Chinese sea pirate. West even ventures into a Lost Race Inca temple.

West appears in stories with titles like "The Homunculus," "The Secret of the Omega Rays," and "The Stolen Radium Crystal."

* I'm including Im Radio Club in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because of its imaginative content. Twenty-four issues: twenty-four examples of fantastic content, gloriously pulpy concepts and adventures, twenty-four stories in which Joe West invents and uses something wonderful and even miraculous. Who cares that the writing is only average? The cornucopia of wonderful concepts made the heftroman awesome. 

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