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Wentworth, Sgt. Jimmy. Sgt. Jimmy Wentworth was created by Sidney Herschell Small and appeared in twelve stories in Detective Fiction Weekly from 1932 to 1936, beginning with “The Crimson Coffin” (Detective Fiction Weekly, Dec. 17, 1932).

Sgt. Jimmy Wentworth is a San Francisco policeman who fights two Yellow Perils: Kong Gai, the King Cobra ("the mysterious and ferocious legendary figure of Chinatown...Kong Gai was back of every evil happening in Chinatown") and then Kong Gai's son, “the Nameless One,” and his Tong of Death. Wentworth is very capable, being both tough (and good with his gun) and cunning. Moreover, he was born in China and knows over a dozen dialects, which often helps him in his cases in Chinatown. Wentworth's boss, Captain of Detectives Dumand, is also Jimmy's friend and helps him on various cases.

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