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Wells, Professor. Professor Wells was created by Francis D. Grierson (Richard Furlong (II), George Muir, Commissaire Patras, Paul Pry (I)) and appeared in ten stories in The 20 Story Magazine and Mystery-Story Magazine in 1922 and 1923, beginning with “The Rule of Three” (The 20 Story Magazine, July 1922).

Professor Wells is an amateur detective modeled on Doctor Thorndyke. Wells is an English club man, friendly enough, and wealthy enough to investigate crimes when he discovers them. He is scientifically knowledgeable and very observant, and even when matched against clever criminals, such as doctors who kill by poisoning their thermometers, Wells is more than sufficient to catching the criminal. In some cases Wells doesn’t turn criminals over to the police, he simply forces the criminals to commit suicide. Wells is Watsoned by Anderton.

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