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Weapon Shop. The Weapon Shop was created by A.E. van Vogt (Artur Blord, Dellian Robots, Jim Pendrake, Rull, The Space Beagle) and appeared in four stories and story serials from 1941 to 1949, beginning with “The Seesaw” (Astounding Science Fiction, July 1941); the four stories were rewritten into The Weapon Makers (1947) and The Weapon Shops of Isher (1951).

The Weapon Shop is a store which sells “the finest energy weapons in the known universe.” There are many Weapon Shops throughout the a range of systems–all across the Isher Empire, in fact. The Weapon Shops were created by Robert Hedrock, an immortal man, who created them as a way to fight the oppressive Empire.

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