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Watts, Sparky. Sparky Watts was created by Boody Rogers and appeared in the comic strip “Sparky Watts” (1940-1942) and the comic book Sparky Watts (1942-1949).

Sparky Watts is a Superhuman. He is an ordinary fellow who is subjected to “cosmic” rays during one of Doc Static’s science experiments. As a result Sparky becomes the world’s strongest man. He is so strong, in fact, that by whirling his arms he can “out-fly the swiftest airplane.” Further, a “diathermy wave” flows from his fingers, so that he can heal almost anyone of anything. Sparky’s friends include Slap Happy, a bruiser who was also exposed to Doc Static’s cosmic rays, but was only given big feet, and Yoo Hoo, a Chinese refugee. Their adventures span time and space, from fighting mummies or their own doubles to helping George Washington.

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