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Watts. Watts was created by Guy C. Baker (Gray Hodges, Josiah Snook) and appeared in seventeen stories in Blue Book in 1910 and 1911, beginning with “Berth No. 10" (Blue Book, Jan. 1910).

Watts is an amateur detective who is called in by his close friend, Charles Carson of the Pinkertons, to help the police solve puzzles too elusive for their acumen or skill. Watts, known as “Watts the Unriddler,” dislikes this, most of the time–“quiet pursuit of scientific investigation was his delight”–but for “mysteries involving very unusual features” he becomes interested. He later becomes an agent of the Department of Justice with a brief to stop trustbusters. Watts is a “bizarre, whimsical man. He had thin, pale features, guileless blue eyes, a shock of rumpled straw-colored hair, drooping shoulders that accorded with his frail make-up and the gentle, engrossed air of a dreamer.”

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