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Watson, Mr. Mr. Watson was created by Dorothy Gardiner and appeared in The Transatlantic Ghost (1933) and Drink for Mister Cherry (1934).

Twenty-one years ago Mr. Watson came to New York City from London

with forty pounds in his pocket and in his head a passion for neat, small facts. He had long since forgotten how he had found a position in the clerical department of the police force; he had almost forgotten how his accuracy and honesty had brought him promotion to the detective bureau. But there he had stayed, year after year, small and neat and honest and accurate, surrounded by large untidy men who were not often accurate and not always honest.

Now Mr. Watson has retired. But he still finds crimes and solves them. He is meek in personality and “in no way resembled the Great Detective...instead, Mr. Watson came on the scene, as it were, with the vacuum cleaner, after the body had been removed and the Great Detective was giving interviews to the press.” But his accuracy and powers of observation enable him to solve crimes as an amateur detective as well as the Great Detective--any Great Detective--would.

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