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Watson, Jimmy. Jimmy Watson was created by Dudley Watkins (Desperate Dan, Lord Snooty, Strang the Terrible) and appeared in hundreds of stories in Beano from 1944 to 1962, beginning with Beano #222 (Jan. 1, 1944).

Jimmy Watson is a well-intentioned boy who sees a cat caught up a tree. Watson climbs the tree and brings the cat down. Unfortunately, while doing so he tears a hole in his pants. Fortunately, the owner of the cat is a Romany (Gypsy) woman who mends the hole with a patch of fabric cut from a magic carpet. This piece of fabric gives Watson the ability to travel in time and space merely by wishing it. Watson uses his new ability to visit numerous legendary and real people and places, from Alfred the Great to Sherwood Forest to Troy.

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