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Waters, Artie. Artie Waters was created by C. MacLean Savage and appeared in “The Mastodon-Milk-Man” (All-Story, June-Aug. 1913).

Artie Waters is in love with Dolly Marion, but her family forbids the match, so he buries himself in his work and goes on an archaeological expedition to Labrador. He finds a frozen mastodon, but even better finds a supply of frozen mastodon milk which has not gone bad. When Artie drinks some of the milk, he discovers that it gives him Superhuman strength. Artie returns to New York City and decides to use the milk to win him Dolly. Artie gives some of the milk to Dolly’s brother, which helps him win boxing matches, and to Dolly’s father, which helps him stop Dolly’s mother being such a shrew. Artie uses the milk to stop bank robberies and other such things until at last he wins Dolly’s hand.

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