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Wat Song. Wat Song was created by the Malaysian author Ong Hap Djin and appeared in Kam Lam Yan…? Atawa Si boeroeng wallet dark Kang-Lam (1929).

Wat Song is a Great Detective modeled on Sherlock Holmes. The Sumatran Wat Song is known as the “Sherlock Holmes of the East,” and is assisted by “the Watson of the East,” Pouw Long. They oppose the evil schemes of their nemesis, the Lupin Kang Lam Yan, who steals only from the rich, leaves three Chinese signs behind at the scenes of crimes, and is mortally offended when someone whose handwriting is bad impersonates him. Wat Song is intelligent, more modest than Holmes, more willing to take advice from Pouw Long than Holmes is from Watson (to be fair, Pouw Long is more intelligent than Watson), and combines Western and Eastern methods.

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