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Warren, Don. Don Warren was created by "Ralph Milne Farley," the pseudonym of Roger Sherman Hoar (Blackstone Kent, Radio Man), and Al P. Nelson and appeared in “City of Lost Souls” (Fantastic Adventures, July 1941) and “Holy City of Mars” (Fantastic Adventures, May 1942).

Don Warren is a Legionnaire, albeit in a futuristic setting. He is a member of the Foreign Legion of Mars, “the most famous military group in history” with “a history of one hundred years of bloody conflict” on the war-torn world of Mars. Warren is one of the human Legionnaires (there are nearly as many Martians in the Legion as there are humans) who goes with the Legion into the never-taken holy city of Daloss. Warren is the only survivor, but wins the love of a Martian beauty.

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