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Wang, Mr. (I). Mr. Wang (I) was created by Charles Gilson (Captain Crouch) and appeared in at least nine stories, serials, and books from 1907 to 1938, beginning with "The Lost Island: A Strange Tale of Adventure in the Far East" (The Captain, 1907-1908).

Mr. Wang (I) is a portly Chinese private detective turned political operative. A friend describes him this way:

“I regard Wang as the wisest man in China. He knows everything. Shrewd, cunning, clever and wealthy, he makes the pursuit of knowledge his hobby. Formerly just a private detective, he is now mixed up in all kinds of politial intrigues. He hates the Manchus as a cat hates a dog...”

He is more than capable:

he was fat and indefatigable, he had supreme confidence in himself; he knew not fear, moral or physical, and he was possessed of strength far beyond that of the ordinary man, strength certainly surprising in view of his rotundity of figure.

Wang helps an English political officer and his son defeat various Yellow Perils and other bad men and evil Asian secret societies of troublemaking. 

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