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Wanda of Brannburg. Wanda of Brannburg appeared in the German dime novel Wanda von Brannburg #1-22 (1907-1908).

Wanda of Brannburg is a Great Detective. She is the Baronesse von Brannburg (Brandenburg) and is known as "Wanda of Brannburg, Germany's Master Detective." She is a female detective whose career began in 1895. She fights criminals in Germany and around Europe. In Hamburg she overthrows the city's crimelord. In Budapest she uncovers the secret of the "vice caves." In Frankfurt she catches a serial killer. And in Munich she fights a group of corrupt Masons.

Wanda appears in stories with titles like “The Necklace of the Silesian Duke’s Daughter,” “The Twin of the Prison Minister,” and “The Hyenas of Great Street.”

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