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Walter, Tip. Tip Walter was created by “R.M. Nizerolles,” the pseudonym of the French author Marcel Priollet (Clotilde de Hautepierre, Marcassin, Tintin (I)) and appeared in Tip Walter, le Prince des Detectives #1-55 (1910-1911).

Tip Walter is a French consulting detective. His publisher introduced him with these words:

We present to the general public a man strange and powerful who will be the equal of Nick Carter (I), Arsène Lupin and Sherlock Holmes. Not only is he the equal of these detectives...he will pass them by several lengths through the size of his designs, the speed and force of his action, and the always new originality of his means. Nobody will be able to fight with Tip Walter, the Prince of Detectives...

Among Walter’s opponents is the “Man of Masks,” a Yellow Peril Lupin.

Walter appears in stories with titles like "Aurélia the Blond," "The Vampire of Carson City," and "The Rain of Corpses."

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