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Walsh, Vernon. Vernon Walsh was created by John Russell Fearn (Maria Black, Golden Amazon, Brutus Lloyd) and appeared in “Mathematica” (Astounding Stories, Feb. 1936) and “Mathematica Plus” (Astounding Stories, May 1936).

In 1980 Vernon Walsh is witness to an astonishing series of events. An expedition to the moon Vulcan finds that it is made of a metallic substance which, when thought about, transforms itself into the thought. A sample taken back to Earth turns into Pelathon, a Big-Headed Dwarf Genius from another universe. Pelathon claims that his universe was created by the thoughts of someone in our universe—and that our universe has been created from some other being’s thoughts. Vulcan, clearly, is the source of these thoughts, and another Big-Headed Dwarf Genius, Si-Lafnor, is the being responsible. But, like Pelathon and Walsh, Si-Lafnor wants to know who thought him into existence. They find the original creator, a mathematician who thought the multiverse into being. Everyone is ultimately turned into arithmetic. In the sequel, further mathematical and metaphysical conundrums and paradoxes are encountered.

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