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Wallner & Ring. Wallner & Ring were created by “W. Belka,” the pseudonym of Walther Kabel (Olaf K. Abelsen, Harald Harst, Nic Pratt, Rockheart, Three Vigilantes, Fred Walker (I)), and appeared in Erlebnisse Einsamer Menschen #1-128 (1916-1919).

Doctor Wallner and Engineer Ring are two German explorers, adventures, and treasure hunters who travel across the Americas, North Africa, the Middle East, and the South Pacific in search of valuables they can loot from the natives who possess them. Wallner and Ring encounter “The Wizards’ Island,” “The Island of Pirates,” Mississippi Delta pirates, the Cyclops of Cat Island, the Treasure of the Aztecs, the Treasure of the Kings of Audh, mummies, volcanos in the Aleutians, a zeppelin adventurer, a Jungle Hero, a subterranean monastery, South Pacific wizards, white slave traders, an underground city, “the Gigantic Land,” among many others.

Wallner & Ring appear in stories with titles like, “The Island of the Black Diamonds,” “The Island in the Sargasso Sea,” and “The White Island.”

* I'm including Erlebnisse Einsamer Menschen in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because of the series' imaginative content. The Wallner and Ring stories are fairly typical ideasplosion heftroman stories, meaning that they've got 4x the imaginative content of just about any other publication during the Pulp Era. That the Wallner and Ring stories tended not to multiply coolnesses--murdering mummies were just that rather than secret undead wizards of an underground city of Lost Race Egyptians--marks them down a few spots, but the sheer number of great concepts puts them over the top on to the Best of the Encyclopedia list. 

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