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Wagner, Professor. Professor Wagner was created by the Russian author Aleksandr Beliayev (Dubel, Ell, Hoity-Toity, Icthyander, Kachinskiy, Professor Kern) and appeared Chelovek Kotorii Ne Spit (1926?) and Kover-Samolet (1927?).

Professor Wagner is an Unlucky Inventor. He is a Soviet scientist and inventor who decides that it is unjust that fleas can leap higher and farther than humans and so attempts to create artificial means for men to leap as far and high, proportionally, as fleas. He ends up leaping into the stratosphere. He also decides that he needs to find a way to cure people of the need to sleep. But wicked German capitalists kidnap him and steal his cure. They give it to German workers, who then double their productivity, resulting in half the work force being fired. Wagner secretly alters his formula so that those who take his anti-sleep pills fall asleep, and he then escapes from Germany and returns to the Soviet Union.

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