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Wade, Thunder Jim. Thunder Jim Wade was created by “Charles Stoddard,” the pseudonym of Henry Kuttner (The Baldies, Yusef ben Yakoud, Elak, Gallegher, Hogbens, Michael Leigh, Pete Manx, Tony Quade, Prince Raynor, Doctor Thorkel), and appeared in five stories in Thrilling Adventures in 1941, beginning with “Thunder Jim Wade” (Thrilling Adventures, May 1941).

Thunder Jim Wade was orphaned as a child. The plane carrying his parents crashed in an inaccessible African valley, and Wade, the only survivor of the crash, was raised by a Lost Race, the descendants of Cretan settlers who had arrived in the valley centuries ago. Eventually a white archaeologist, Galbraith, wanders into the valley and discovers the Cretans. He befriends Wade and becomes his mentor and father figure. Wade leaves the valley with Galbraith, and under Galbraith’s direction, and accompanied by Red Argyle, a burly, well-intentioned bruiser, and Dirk Marat, a blond shootist and knifeman, Wade travels around the world, exploring remote areas and discovering lost civilizations. They use the Thunderbug, a plane which can easily be converted into a tank or a submarine.

Wade is tall and lean with black hair and dark eyes. Thanks to his unusual upbringing he is a master of ventriloquism, hypnotism, swordsmanship, sharpshooting, and the many other skills his adventures require him to have.

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