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Vyse, Norton. Norton Vyse was created by Rose Champion de Crespigny and appeared in six stories in The Premier Magazine in 1919, beginning with “The Moving Finger” (The Premier Magazine, Sept. 26, 1919).

Norton Vyse is a Superhuman Occult Detective. He is a "psychic investigator" who uses his skills, including his "psychometric" ability to see the past and the future by touching a person or object, to fight crime and evil and to "delve deeply into mysteries which remain impenetrable to most." Vance is a well-to-do gentleman adventurer, with a country house in Essex, rooms in Piccadilly, servants, a Darracq car and a chauffeur. He is assisted by Dexter, a friend who is particularly susceptible to psychic influences. While Vance is seemingly omniscient, and does have some psychic ability, his advice seems to fail as often as it succeeds. Despite his inconsistent record of success, he has an overbearing attitude, is almost insufferably smug towards his listeners' ignorance, and is long-winded about the spiritualist matters he's called in to solve.

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