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Vyse, Nicholas. Nicholas Vyse was created by Halliwell Sutcliffe (Jonathan Standish, Willowdene Will) and appeared in “The King and Queen of Smugglers” (Pearson’s Magazine (US), Nov 1903-Nov. 1904).

Sir Nicholas Vyse is a man-about-town, roisterer, and friend to the Prince Regent. Vyse is comely, strong, good-humored, and clever. But his fortunes rise and fall somewhat precipitously, and he is forced to engage in the risky trade of smuggling goods into England while avoiding the profit-sucking middlemen. In truth, though, Vyse loves it, loves his fast little cutter and his faithful crew, who love and fear him, and even Ponto, the clever dog who lives in the coastal town of St. Thanes, where all the people help with the smuggling.

“It was the sport of the thing, and not the profit, which, to his thinking, gave a zest to smuggling, and for this reason he took many a risk that lesser men would have avoided.” Vyse is a skillful smuggler and is known as “Captain Contraband.” In the course of fleeing from the authorities he encounters the lovely Josephine Willoughby, who knows and admires him (because he earns his money as a man should), and she joins his crew and eventually marries him.

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