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Voraus, Professor. Professor Voraus was created by the Austrian author Rudolf Hawel and appeared in Im Reiche der Homunkuliden (1910).

Professor Voraus is a Viennese professor who in 1907 invents a suspended animation machine. The Professor receives an ungracious reception from his university colleagues when he announces his new invention, so the Professor and his servant freeze themselves. They awake in the year 3907, exactly 2000 years later. They find an Earth peopled by identical asexual androids. The creation of artificial life had begun in the 22nd century, and the birthrate of ordinary humans declined, with the last woman dying in 3174. By 3907 the androids, who are created by "heat pistons," have established a global empire, of sorts, with ordinary humans surviving only in remote northern locations in Iceland and Greenland. The androids have advanced technology and a solar power-based society, with planes capable of traveling 250 kilometers an hour at a height of 2000 meters.

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