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Von Voehniger, Minna. Minna von Voehniger was created by P.C. Wren (Otho Bellême, Dirty Dogs’ Club, Sinclair Noel Brodie Dysart, Beau Geste, Major Hazelrigg, McSnortt, Sudden Death Lodge) and appeared in the serial “Beggars’ Horses” (The Passing Show, June 16-Sept 29, 1934); the serial was published as Beggars’ Horses (1934).

Minna von Voehniger is a Femme Fatale. She was, for a while, an accomplished German spy, and was married to a German Army officer. To serve Germany, she seduced Russian, French, and British officers, but eventually she grew tired of that and became a freelance spy, serving whoever would pay her. Under multiple aliases she spies, arranges murders and mutiliations, ruins men for their money, ruins marriages because it pleases her to, and ruins women’s reputations with a casual, well-placed word. She is even responsible for the death of Mata Hari. In the words of one of her enemies, she is “an extremely clever woman. Amazingly cool and brave.” She gives away the British secrets in India to the Germans, but goes up against Major Hazelrigg and, eventually, loses her life.

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