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Von Sturmfeld, Baron. Baron von Sturmfeld was created by Richard Rush Murray and appeared in “Radicalite” (Amazing Stories, Jan. 1933) and “Stellarite” (Amazing Stories, Mar. 1933).

Baron von Strumfeld was an aviator during World War One but is shot down over France and loses his memory. He works as a factory worker in France, and after he regains his memory remains in the same position until a friend tells him about a new substance, “radicalite,” which can produce sulfuric acid but which is quite unstable. Von Sturmfeld accepts a job in the radicalite factory, but there is an accident which destroys both the factory and the town it is in. In the sequel, von Sturmfeld has improved on radicalite so that it can now be safely used as both fuel and explosive. Von Sturmfeld uses it to create a spaceship, but there are mishaps, including a Communist stowaway, during the trip to the moon and to Venus.

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