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Von Schalckenburg, Professor Heinrich. Professor Heinrich von Schalckenburg was created by “Harry Collingwood,” the pseudonym of William Joseph Cosens Lancaster, and appeared in The Log of the Flying Fish (1887), With Airship and Submarine (1907), and Cruise of the Flying Fish (1924).

Professor Heinrich von Schalckenburg is a renowned German scientist and explorer who is contemptuous of explorers who use lighter-than-air crafts. von Schalckenburg has discovered “æthereum,” a new, light metal, and a crystalline substance which can be used as both explosive and fuel, and with those, and with £100,000 of seed money, he builds the Flying Fish, a new, technologically-advanced aircraft. Von Schalckenburg uses it to travel around the world, explore the bottom of the sea, fight off savage aquatic monsters, rescue the crew of an ice-locked barque, discover the remains of a centuries-old Viking longboat and its crew, discover a warm sea in the North Pole in whose center is an island stocked with wildlife, find Opar, and other such explorer hijinks. In the two sequels von Schalckenburg returns to Opar, fights the Czar, hunts unicorns, fights pirates, designs a new submarine, fights the Germans and Chinese (who have stolen the Flying Fish), and then avoids the war by visiting the Caroline Islands.

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