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Von Kopf, Olga. Olga von Kopf was created by Henry de Halsalle and appeared in a novel, eight short stories, and a short story collection in 1917 and 1918, beginning with A Secret Service Woman.

Olga von Kopf is a young woman of English and German parents who is forced to find work following the death of her mother. She responds to an ad for a “lady private secretary” and is interviewed about her qualifications, which turn out to be excellent for the German Secret Service: von Kopf has an excellent memory, several highly-placed English acquaintances, is well-traveled, has no emotional ties, is an antisemite, and is forthright and self-confident. She meets a German Major and after some discussion agrees to become a spy for the Motherland. However, after a number of cases and adventures she sickens of both spying and Germany and retires to England.

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