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von Genthner, Baron. Baron von Genthner was created by Quentin Reynolds and appeared in “Berlin Dinner Party” (Collier's, Mar 28, 1936) and “The Man Who Dreamed Too Much” (The Strand, Sept. 1936).

Baron von Genthner is a Killer Vigilante. During World War One von Genthner was an aviator and ace, a cold, merciless man responsible for shooting down forty planes. But afterward he became just another rich German aristocrat who knows all the most important people in Europe and holds fabulous dinner parties. Unfortunately, sometimes von Genthner discovers that a murder has been committed in such a way that justice cannot be done by the police. When that happens, von Genthner takes matters into his own hands and disposes of the murderer, but in such a way that the police could not apprehend him. von Genthner is tall, slim, and capable of discussing cooking and wine with as much expertise as military tactics or Schopenhauer.

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