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The Voice (II). The Voice (II) was created by Edward S. Williams and appeared in eleven stories in Ace G-Men Stories from 1940 to 1943, beginning with “Death’s Diplomatic Service” (Ace G-Men Stories, Nov. 1940).

The Voice (II) is Dennis O’Ryley, an F.B.I. agent. The Irish O’Ryley is "a tall man with the silent, flowing grace of a tiger,” a "big man with blue eyes that burned with the cold, hard light of a diamond" and "a rugged Irish bog-trotter." O’Ryley had been a counter-espionage agent, but his success in capturing the enemies of America brought him too much publicity and media attention, and he was transferred from counter-espionage to other departments. ("Publicity and the work of the F.B.I. cannot mix"). O'Ryley is a hard man who doesn't mind killing, and is quite good at it.

He is more endowed physically than mentally, although he's cunning enough to capture and kill the enemies of America. His nickname comes from his other identity, the Voice, the mysterious, unknown man who forces his way into radio stations at gunpoint in order to broadcast the truth about the Japanese, the Germans, criminals, or other bad guys. He is assisted by Anna Walther, an anti-Nazi German who poses as a Nazi to help O'Ryley bring down spies, and "little Nick Novak," another tough Fed.

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