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Vitos. The Vitos were created by Ray Cummings (Melvin Cone, Dr. Feather, Martynn & Brett Gryce, Gregg Haljan, T. McGuirk, Roberts & Co., Scientific Club, Tama, Tarrano, Tubby, Uncle Tubby) and appeared in three stories in Thrilling Wonder Stories in 1941 and 1942, beginning with “Decadence” (Thrilling Wonder Stories, Dec. 1941).

The Vitos are a class of androids who are used as servants by flabby, indolent, and often oppressive humans in a far future Earth which is idyllic for the humans, who live lives of decadence, but harsh for the Vitos, who are treated badly by the humans. Fortunately for the Vitos, a rebellion eventually comes, led by Vito Teck, the “chief manager” of the Vitos and the one who is responsible for creating the others. Vito Teck overthrows human rule and hunts down the humans, who have forgotten science and are at the Vitos’ mercy. Alas, it ends badly for the heroic Vitos, and the humans win.

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