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Vincente the Yaqui. Vincente the Yaqui was created by “Wilson Campbell,” the pseudonym of William Bruner (Windy Bellows, Black Ace, Ham Moody), and appeared in eighty-two stories in Wild West Weekly from 1927 to 1935, beginning with “Yaqui Justice” (Wild West Weekly, Sept. 3, 1927).

Vincente is a Yaqui adventurer in the American southwest in the years after the Civil War. He is “a magnificent hunk of Indian manhood.” He is an expert scout and tracker, both from experience and because of his ethnic background: “I am a Yaqui. I can go away from here without disturbing a leaf.” He has dark, hooded eyes and is lithe, strong, and impassive. He uses the knife more than the gun and rides the sorrel Tortilla. Vincente’s life was saved by Alf Chase, son of the owner of the Z.B. Ranch, and that puts Vincente in his debt, according to Vincente, and so he protects the young Alf through all sorts of adventures.

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