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Vickers, Lynn. Lynn Vickers was created by the pseudonymous “Bryan James Kelly” appeared in nine stories in Public Enemy and Federal Agent from 1935 to 1938, beginning with “The Red Raiders” (Public Enemy, Dec. 1935).

While in college Lynn Vickers had been a star running back, called “tiger” by his friends and teammates. But his father was swindled and committed suicide, and Tiger left the study of law for something more rewarding. He had

given up defending criminals for the more hazardous job of hunting the evil geniuses that infested the country…the same qualities that had won him prominence in scholastic and public life stood him in good stead in his new career. For in the short space of three years, Lynn Vickers had become the key man of the FBI. The only memento of his past glory that still endured was his symbol in the army of men without names. G-77 was listed beside his name on the rolls of the G-men; the figures that had once been emblazoned on his football jersey and in the hearts of football fans, were now symbolic of new conquests in the war on crime.

Vickers, now “Agent G-77,” reports directly to J. Edgar Hoover and captures a new “Public Enemy No. 1" in each story. Vickers has the “wide, slightly sloping shoulders, the lean flanks, the trim athletic figure.”

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