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Veseloffsky, Baron. Baron Roman Ungern von Sternberg (1886-1921) was a White Russian Army officer who attempted to establish a dictatorship in Mongolia in 1921. A version of Ungern von Sternberg, Baron Veseloffsky, appeared in False-Face (1926) and Miss Mystery (1928), both written by Sydney Horler (Brett Carstairs, Bunny Chipstead, H. Emp, Brian Fordinghame, Rex Hartley, Martin HuishGerald Lissendale, Justin March, George Meatyard, Nighthawk, Sebastian Quin, Tiger Standish, Dr. Paul Vivanti).

Baron Ungern Veseloffsky is a slender man with the “cultured air of a world cosmopolitan.” But there is “a barbaric strain about the man–a suggestion of the lurking tiger, always ready to spring.” Although he is handsome, his face “had a quality which held the attention long after one had noted his good looks. This quality...was an emanation of the man’s soul which, being evil, sounded a warning.” He is a Russian nobleman, formerly a cavalryman, who was bankrupted when the Bolsheviks took power. Now he funds his lifestyle through crime and hiring himself out to the Germans. His services include helping to undermine England’s society so that the Germans can seize power. The Baron’s real hatred, however, is for the Bolsheviks themselves, and he takes their money as a means to rob them. The Baron is served by Stepan, a bearded Cossack.

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