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Versal, Cosmo. Cosmo Versal was created by Garrett Serviss (The Sky Pirate, Edmond Stonewall) and appeared in “The Second Deluge” (Cavalier, July 1911-Jan 1912); the serial was collected as The Second Deluge (1912).

Cosmo Versal is a famous rogue scientist, and when he announces that a spiral nebula consisting of water and water vapor is about to submerge the Earth, few believe him. Versal ignores his mockers and builds a second ark out of the wonder metal levium. Into the ark go supplies and those animals Versal deems worthy of survival. Versal invites a select group of scientist, artists, writers and politicians to join him, although only a few do. Versal is right, his naysayers were wrong, and in a short time the world is eight miles deep in water.

The ark survives, as do three other groups: one, led by Versal’s main adversary, took control of a levium airship and rescued the President of the United States and a few others; the second, a group of ordinary people in the Rockies, where the flooding was less severe than elsewhere; and a third in France, where some soldiers and sailors built a submarine, the Jules Verne, which they used to weather the storm. The ark and the submarine meet up and go looking for more land. When they find the Sphinx, its face falls off, revealing that the ancient Egyptians knew about the flood. The submarine is destroyed, but the Frenchmen climb on to the ark. Everyone meets up at the Rockies, and a new civilization is born. Another deluge comes, but all are better prepared for it and few are lost.

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