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Verchères, Pit. Pit Verchères was created by “Paul Verchères,” the pseudonym of the Canadian author Alexandre Huot, and appeared in Aventures de Cow-Boys #1-726 (1948-1962).

Pit Verchères and his two sidekicks are Québécois cowboys active on the plains of western Canada and the United States. They have to deal with angry natives, evil white men, “The Invisible Valley,” “The Caravan of Hate,” “Momo, the Strange,” “Sodom on Canvas,” female bandits, “Babou Babou the Sorcerer,” “The Satanic Alliance,” “the Daughter of the Devil,” and more.

Verchères appears in stories with titles like “The Torturers of the SS Ranch,” “The Hidden Treasure,” and “The Ghost Rider.” 

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