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Verano, Teddy. Teddy Verano was created by the French author Maurice Limat and appeared in over sixty novels from 1937 to 1981, beginning with La Villa Aux Squelettes.

In the first phase of his career, Teddy Verano is a traditional private detective, although his adventures range from the ordinary, albeit tawdry (cocaine smugglers) to the more adventurous (fighting spies) to the outré (an alliance of lepers avenging themselves on pretty, innocent citizens) to the outright science fictional (murderers wearing mechanical wings, a scientist capable of knocking down planes with radio waves).

In 1959, when Limat began publishing with the publisher Fleuve Noir, Verano becomes an Occult Detective and confronts sorcerous possession, zombies, phantoms, and so on. Verano is described as a man of about thirty years of age, tall and slender, with a slightly ironic face.

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