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Venusians. The Venusians were created by Will McMorrow (Terry Kilroe, James Rossey) and appeared in “The Sun-Makers” (Argosy All-Story, Nov. 21-Dec. 7, 1925) and “Venus or Earth?” (Argosy All-Story, July 9, 1927).

The Venusians are a race of humanoids (from Venus) who are much more intelligent than humans, more physically attractive, in possession of much greater technology, have the ability of super-hypnosis, and completely lacking in mercy or compassion. They begin an invasion of Earth by sending a top-shaped ship to a rural American area. It uses its death rays and earthquake machines to cow Americans, and then takes humans onboard the ship. The captain of the ship and leader of the invasion is Flower of Gold, who has the “ability of Napoleon and the heart of a rattlesnake” and who plans to crash the moon into the earth to create a new sun, which will warm the frozen part of Venus. But a human takes control of the ship and crashes it into the sea, and the Venusians still on earth are hunted down and killed. In the sequel the Venusians have wiped out most of humanity and enslaved the survivors, but an uprising eventually puts paid to the invaders.

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