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Venn, Sergeant. Sergeant Venn was created by “Lynn Brock,” the pseudonym of Alister McAllister (Colonel Warwick Gore) and appeared in Silver Sickle Case (1938), Fourfingers (1939), and Riddle of the Roost (1939).

Detective-Sergeant Venn works for Scotland Yard. He

was very plain, utterly insignificant-looking, spoke always in a diffident, indistinct murmur which conveyed that nothing it said was really of the least importance or interest, and was most usually referred to by his colleagues at the Yard, with affectionate admiration, as “Ut,” the final abbreviation of the words “Unconsidered Trifle.” Legend averred that when he had come up, in a blue uniform, from Plymouth seven years before, for his preliminary interview, and had been asked by the assistant commissioner to state what he considered his qualification for promotion to the C.I.D., he had replied, ‘Well, sir, I am practically invisible to the naked eye. Even when people do talk to me, they think they are talking to themselves.’

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