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Venhez. Venhez was created by Nictzin Dyalhis and appeared in “When the Green Star Waned” (Weird Tales, Apr. 1925) and “The Oath of Hul Jok” (Weird Tales, Sept. 1928).

Venhez is a planet which leads “all others in every attainment and accomplishment, our civilization being the oldest and most advanced.” It is the planet Venus, but in the distant future. Venhez’s fellow planets is “Aerth,” “Markhuri,” and “far Ooranos—planet of the unexpected.” But when the “green light of Aerth” becomes “perceptibly dimmer” the Venhezians become concerned and dispatch seven of their leading minds to Aerth in an “Aethir-Torps” to investigate the problem.

Aerth is full of dead cities and strange monsters. Centuries earlier human nations had warred. A means for producing artificial gold was discovered, but doing so sapped “the storehouse of the universe, the primordial Aethir…and the drain on the Aethir opened strange doors in space, which heretofore, by fiat of the Great Wisdom, had been fast sealed.” Aerth’s Yellow Peril “Mongulion” scientists used the Aethir to travel to the “Moun” and there found “a race of fiends, soulless, beyond the pale of the Infinite Mercy, who moved about to keep the Moun’s bulk always between them and the hated light of the Sun.” They invaded and conquered Aerth, and when the Venhezians arrive fight them. The Venhezians eventually kill them all.

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