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Vedder, Sam. Sam Vedder was created by Frank Gruber (Otis Beagle, Johnny Fletcher, Simon Lash, Captain March, Oliver Quade, Jim Strong, John Vedders) and appeared in three stories in Clues Detective Stories in 1940 and 1941, beginning with “Death’s Understudy” (Clues Detective Stories, Jan. 1940).

Sam Vedder is a Bellem. He is a mostly competent detective for the Bligh Detective Agency, whose head is Captain Billy Bligh. Bligh often gets angry with Vedder, because, as mentioned, Vedder is only mostly competent. But by the end of each story Vedder has caught his man. The secretary of the Bligh Agency is Emma Todd, who is tart and experienced at fending off Vedder’s approaches.

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