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Vandewater, Mr. Mr. Vandewater was created by “Achmed Abdullah,” the pseudonym of Alexander Romanoff (Omar the Black & Omar the Red, Miss Smythe), and appeared in “The God of the Invincibly Strong Arms” (All-Story Weekly, Sept 18-Oct 16, 1915, as a novel, 1915), “The God of the Invincibly Strong Arms” (All-Story Weekly, Mar. 25-Apr 29, 1916, as a novel, 1916), and “The God of the Invincibly Strong Arms” (All-Story Weekly, Nov. 18-Dec. 9, 1916).

Mr. Vandewater is an agent of the British Foreign Office with several years’ experience in the East and an abiding detestation for Asians: “I am not a very tolerant Christian, nor cursed with an extra-dose of ‘White Man’s’ conceit.” Vandewater is also gripped by the conviction that the wicked Asians are about to rise en masse against the white West and overwhelm it. Fortunately, Vandewater is in a good position to act when he discovers that the sinister Hussain Khan, an Indian Yellow Peril, and the organization of assassins, the “God of the Invincibly Strong Arms,” are beginning to carry out a series of murders of government officials designed to overthrow the west. Vandewater eventually kills Khan and then continues the fight against the assassins.

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