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Vance, Aylmer. Aylmer Vance was created by Alice Askew and Claude Askew (Professor Raveleigh) and appeared in eight stories in The Weekly Tale-Teller in 1914, beginning with “The Invader” (The Weekly Tale-Teller, Jul. 4, 1914).

Aylmer Vance is a Superhuman Occult Detective. He is a "Ghost-Seer" who can see the shades of the dead due to his heightened sensitivity. Vance fights vampires and werewolves and clears up mysteries involving the dead and undead. Besides his sensitivity to the dead Vance also has a set of vague psychic abilities, so that he can match wills with (and usually master) occult enemies. In one story he wins a psychic duel and breaks a victim free of a vampire's spell. Vance also makes use of the Holy Host, which is only referred to as "That" and is capable of exorcizing the undead. Vance is assisted in his war on evil by Mr. Dexter, the narrator of the Vance stories and a man with clairvoyant abilities of his own.

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